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Spend just 5 hours with ADTA and get 20 hours in your logbook!


At ADTA we teach you how to be a safer driver, a confident driver AND a better driver... all in a 5 hour course that gives you 20 hours in your logbook.

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The ADTA Safer Drivers Course costs just $140 and includes:

  • 20 hours in your log book for a 5 hours course
  • strategies and skills that help you to become a safer driver
  • 3-hour group discussion of practical tips and tricks with other learner drivers
  • 2-hour practical coaching session where you and another learner driver drive a car
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Do you qualify for the ADTA Safer Drivers Course?

In order to enrol in our ADTA Safer Drivers Course you must:

  • Be under 25 years old
  • Have completed at least 50 log book hours of actual on-road driving (not counting any 3 for 1 bonus hours)
  • Free Course for Concession Card Holders

Not enough logbook hours yet?

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FREE ADTA Safer Drivers Course

Take the ADTA Safer Drivers Course for FREE!

If you have a current Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card and are under 25 yearsold you qualify for a FREE Safer Drivers Course.

FREE Safer Drivers Course Call 0412 216 116 to find out more and book your FREE Learner Drivers Course.
Safer Drivers Course

Get 20 log book hours and learn how to be a Safer Driver

Get 20 log book hours and learn how to be a Safer driver This course was designed to develop safe driving strategies for learner drivers aged under 25, who are at greater risk of being involved in a fatal accident. Research shows that drivers under 25 years old are 20 times more likely to be involved in serious or fatal accidents. Research also shows that the more supervised practice a learner driver the lower the less likely they are to be involved in an accident.

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What does the Safer Drivers Course cover?

You've learnt to operate a car

but the next step is to gain the valuable skills developing crash avoidance techniques in learning how to assess and address risks before they occur.

The Safer Drivers Course covers the following:

The ADTA Safer Drivers Course costs just $140 which gives you:

  • Everyday common challenges that young drivers will face
  • How to avoid becoming a “crash statistic”
  • How to develop strategies to identify, assess and address risks
  • An interactive, fun and engaging learning approach 20 hours in your logbook

Am I eligible? What do I need?

The ADTA Safer Drivers Course costs just $140 which gives you:

  • To hold a current Learners Licence
  • Be under the age of 25
  • 50 completed logbook hours (excluding 3 for 1 bonus hours)
Safer Drivers Course and lesson

What’s the difference between a Safer Drivers Course and a driving lesson?

Did you know that a Safer Driver Lesson is not the same as a normal driving lesson?

In a driving lesson you learn how to operate a vehicle and how to drive according to the roadrules. In our ADTA Safer Driver Course we show you how to recognise and minimise risks on the road using skills and strategies you can use in everyday situations.

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Safer Drivers Course

What will you learn at the ADTA Safer Drivers course?

Module 1 is a 3-hour group discussion where you’ll learn safe strategies, followed by Module2, a 2-hour practical session where you and another learner driver apply these strategieswhile driving under the supervision of a driving instructor


Safer Driver Course Modules

Module 1

Module 1 component is a three hour theory-based interactive session. You will be educated on safe driving behaviours and low risk driving strategies with a qualified and experienced trainer.

Module 2

ADTA Module 2 coaches will help you understand and practice safe driving behaviours such as hazard perception, safe following behaviours, speed management and gap selection that were explained in Module 1

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