About attending a Safer Drivers Course

By Geoff

What is the Safer Drivers Course?



The NSW Safer Drivers Course teaches learner drivers under 25 to develop safe driving skills and prepare for driving solo.

This course can help you understand speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness, safe following distances, and how to keep driving safely when you get distracted.

This includes:

a 3-hour group discussion with other learners

a 2-hour coaching session in a vehicle with another learner.


To attend a course you need to:

have a valid learner licence

be under 25

have completed at least 50 log book hours of on-road driving (excluding any 3 for 1 bonus hours), and

have included night driving in some of those hours.


The participant fee to attend any Safer Drivers Course has been set at $140 by Transport for NSW and cannot be discounted by any provider.


Why you should attend

* 20 hours in your log-book for a 5 hours course

* Strategies and skills that help you to become a safer driver

* 3-hour group discussion of practical tips and tricks with other learner drivers

* 2-hour practical coaching session where you and another learner driver drive a car

* Choose the time and location that suits you and book your Safer Drivers Course online now


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