5 Stars

Emily J

Great course, very valuable information. I highly recommend everyone attend this course.

5 Stars

Margaret H

Fantastic day with professional development with ADTA conference today in Sydney Huge Thank You to Quest speakers and all staff ADTA for the effort bringing this all together. Updated formation huge success makes better Driver Trainers.

Stay Safe

5 Stars

Barb W

Thanks so much for the wonderful experience and the expertise you have given my son. It wa a great course to go on. Well worth it.

5 Stars

Imogen L

Awesome course! Michael was an amazing instructor and very helpful.

5 Stars

Zack N

Good course. Helped a lot.

5 Stars

Amelia M

Mick is awesome, such a great instructor.

5 Stars

Grace G

This experience was amazing I felt safe and welcome and Michael was amazing too he took the time to explain everything and waited he was speaking clearly with directions and whilst explaining information I would highly recommend

5 Stars

Kaylee M

Loved this course, really helped me to understand the importance of safety on the road!

5 Stars

Laura W

Thoroughly enjoyed. Really helpful to learn to drive. Very calm environment.

5 Stars

Keitha T

The payment made by Keitha Thompson is for Bailey Thompson



5 Stars

Tonia W

Hi! just wanted to thank you for the course that Emma did yesterday with Troy. Emma is still telling us about some of Troys stories and it is obvious that she had a really good day and learnt a lot.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience and we will definitely recommend you as a Safer Drivers course.

5 Stars


The course was really enjoyable because I got to test some of my knowledge and even learn some things that I hadn’t known. It let me become a better driver through both the practical and theoretical parts of the course. The benefit of doing it as a group allowed me to listen to other people and hear their opinions around being a safe driver. Overall the course was really enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone on their L’s.

5 Stars

Rod G

Alex said he really enjoyed the course and found it to be of great value. I have noticed improvements (around safe driving practices) in his driving since completing the course.

5 Stars

Alexander G

Alex said he realy enjoyed the course and found it to be of great value. I have notice some improvements (around safe driving practices) in his driving since completing the course.

Rod Gibbs (Parent)

5 Stars

Tegan A

Such a brilliant course for young drivers. Both modules go into detail about staying safe on the road. Best part of the course was module 2 with the practical driving.

5 Stars


The ADTA safer drivers course is a fantastic course for learner drives. My son did the course and found it extremely enjoying and informative. Not only did he learn more about safer driving he also got 20 hours for his log book. I would recommend this course to anyone.

5 Stars


My son and his friends attended & completed the ADTA Safer Drivers Course. All of the boys felt they came out with added knowledge that would help make them better and safer drivers. They found the instructors friendly and very informative. As a Mother of teenage boys I can highly recommend this course. It is a great eye opener for all young drivers to keep our roads safe.

5 Stars


I found the Safer Drivers Course very informative and loved every minute. The team from ADTA go about and beyond would recommend to anyone.

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