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Safer Drivers Course Narellan

The Safer Drivers Course Narellan was introduced by the Roads & Maritime Services in 2013. It is a combined theory and practical driving course for learner drivers under 25 years-old. The course teaches learners about many things including decision making, gap selection, hazard perception speed management. You must hold a valid New South Wales learners licence and have 50 log book hours of actual driving time.

How much is the Safer Drivers Course Narellan?

The cost is $140 or $7 per log book hour. The course includes a 3 hour group discussion with other learner drivers, and a 2 hour in car coaching session with another learner driver. The Roads & maritime services have set the price at $140 regardless of the location of the course.

The Safer Drivers Course Narellan

Local residents no longer need to travel to Campbelltown to participate in the safer drivers course Narellan. You also get  to learn the latest safe driving strategies from a professional driving instructor who knows your area. This means we can apply this knowledge to the local conditions you drive under.

Module 1

This is an engaging 3 hour group discussion with other learner drivers. Conducted by a professional facilitator learners get to explore the various risk factors associated with driving. Your facilitator will also guide you through the various actions you can take to reduce theses risks. By developing a better understanding of the risk factors and safe driving strategies, learners are ready to apply those lessons on the road. Some of the risk factors covered in this part of the course include:

  • Gap Selection
  • Decision making
  • Hazard perception
  • Crash avoidance spaces
  • Safe following distance
Module 2

A two hour on road coaching course with two learner drivers. Participants are given the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in module 1. Under the guidance of a professional driving instructor you will learn how to identify and assess various hazards and potentially risky situations. Then you will learn the best ways to manage those hazards. 

Please note the Roads & Maritime services requires students be paired up into groups of two for this part of the course. whilst we will endeavour to place all learners in their preferred transmission type, some manual learners may be required to do this part of the course in an automatic car.

For Safer Driver Course Narellan call 0412 216 116


  • Be aged under 25 years old
  • Have completed at least 50 log book hours of actual on-road driving 
  • Some of those hours need to include night hour

Cost Safer Drivers Course Narellan

The Safer Drivers Course costs $140 which includes a three hour group discussion with other learner drivers and a two hour coaching session in a car with another learner driver.

The New South Wales Government offers a limited number of free safer driver courses each year. Please see our free courses page for more details or call 0412 216 116.


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