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is an accredited provider of the Transport of NSW Safer Drivers Course

Safer Drivers Course Port Macquarie

Why Safer Drivers Course Port Macquarie?

The Safer Drivers Course Port Macquarie has been designed by the roads & maritime services to reduce the high rate of fatal and serious accidents among young drivers. In consultation with leading road safety  experts and professional educators the course has been specifically designed for learner drivers aged under 25 years old. This course is considered by many road safety experts to be the best in the country.

  • Learn how to be a safer driver
  • Fantastic introduction to the risk factors affecting drivers under 25 years old
  • Learn how to minimise those risk
  • Learn safe driving techniques
  • Local instructors with local knowledge
  • Gain practical experience in applying safe driving techniques

Course Details

The course consists of two modules. 

Module 1

is a three hour interactive session lead by an experienced facilitator from the Australian Driver Trainer Association. During this part of the course your facilitator will guide you through the various risk factors involved in fatal and serious accidents. By encouraging learner drivers to share their experiences and discuss the various risk factors participants develop a greater understanding of road safety issues. This leads many students to realise that there are risks associated with driving that they had not previously been aware of.

During this part of the course you are able to engage with your peers and present your ideas and get feedback on ways you can improve your driving from a professional facilitator.

Module 2

is a two  hour in car training session with 2 learner drivers. Under the guidance of a professional driving instructor learners are given the opportunity to apply many  of the lessons learned in Module 1. By applying safe driving strategies in a real life environment students are able to further develop their abilities to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations.

For Safer Driver Course Port Macquarie call 0412 216 116


  • Be aged under 25 years old
  • Have completed at least 50 log book hours of actual on-road driving 
  • Some of those hours need to  include night hour

Cost Safer Drivers Course Port Macquarie

The Safer Drivers Course costs $140 which includes a three hour group discussion with other learner drivers and a two hour coaching session in a car with another learner driver.

The New South Wales Government offers a limited number of free safer driver courses each year. Please see our free courses page for more details or call 0412 216 116.

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